Once You Know, You Newegg

$5 to drive through Fort Desoto!

I have been riding my motorcycle through Ft Desoto to unwind and get away from all the traffic for 30 years. There is no way I will pay $5 to ride through the park. Goodbye Ft. Desoto, you are no longer on my recommended places to visit for the tourists I advise. Really people, $5 to ride my motorcycle through Ft Desoto?? C-mon man!

$5 fee for Fort Desoto

So, some smart opportunist will now start an electric trolly shuttle service at $2 per person. Right? So much for the grass on the sides of the road due to parked cars!
Lower income folks NO ENTRANCE!
I took this picture around noon on 12/31/2011. Here is the booth on the border. Yes, a minivan full of seagull feeding, littering and cell phone tethered kids can get in for $5 for all day but, forget about the responsible bikers or Mom’s lulling a kid to sleep in the back seat just looking for a safe low stress place to ride. Well, Saint Pete’s last free destination that is worth a crap has been taken away from us. Time to move. Oh yeah, it costs $5.75 to get to Fort Desoto. Two tolls and then this little booth that screams to me “Low income? NO ENTRANCE!” and “BIKERS NOT WELCOME!” Forget about those nice Sunday morning drives through the park unless you have $5.75 plus gas. Looks like my cruises will be over the Skyway from now on. That’s only $2 and the view is better.

Acceptable Solutions?
Pay by the hour, first hour is free.
How about just a fee to park?
How about Florida residents free?
How about those utilizing SunPass?
Why not just pay for a parking pass? No parking pass, lower toll.

Obvious issues:
How about the first toll to get to the $5 toll? Still have to pay that one too right? Yes.
Why are “they” making Ft. Desoto off limits to low income families?

Should I ever desire to go to a beach at Fort Desoto ever again, I will just come by boat. Are you going to toll me then?

How about the billions of dollars of real estate and yachts we are forced to observe on the way in? Some houses in the millions right at the entrance to the park.
Where is all that tax money going again?

Finally, eat the rich (and the cell phone tethered fast food eaters too..)

How about the people who passed this kissing my ass!

Looks like today will be my last ride through Fort Desoto…

Here is an article on WTSP.