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WordPress – Show search term

Paste this in your search.php theme template or wherever you need it.

Results for <?php echo $_GET[‘s’] ?>

The $_GET[‘s’] is obviously the search term that was entered into the search box.

This will display the Search Term used that inspired the creation of the resulting page.

2 thoughts on “WordPress – Show search term

  1. You should really sanitize that get variable before you include in your page like that…

  2. Yes, just a snippet. Obviously character, bad word filtering, length / format preferences need implemented based on what you desire to use the query for. That can be done several ways. I prefer referencing a flat file via a small PERL routine. One could dedicate a whole site just to sanitizing strings. Solutions and examples are always appreciated along with comments. That said, I will post a couple basic samples soon. I will address email format validations as well. Another big subject.

    It is always best to use a javascript validation before PERL or PHP routines. Then I like to re-validate strings that pass the javascript test through the server side routines. Almost double redundant but, does keep java enabled rejections from going through.

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