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Lanterman’s Mill

This is where I get my flour to make my pizza and bread dough. Lanterman’s Mill in Mill Creek Park Ohio. Water powered, stone ground and just awesome. They were grinding my favorite in the video above. Buckwheat flour is the best in my opinion. Breads and pastas made from buckwheat flour is also the only flour that can be eaten by people that cannot eat “regular” types of flours. Buckwheat flour is gluten free and very healthy for you.

Lantermans Mill in July

Lantermans Mill in December

One of Mahoning County’s most historic landmarks, Lanterman’s Mill was built in 1845-46 by German Lanterman and Samuel Kimberly. Restored in 1982-85 through a gift from the Ward and Florence Beecher Foundations, this community treasure represents one of the many pioneer industries developed along Mill Creek and operates today as it did in the 1800s, grinding corn, wheat, and buckwheat.

Visit Lanterman’s Mill and step into the past. Observe the pioneer ingenuity involved in the early production of meal and flour, smell the sweet aroma of freshly ground grains, and feel the rumbling vibrations of the massive stones as the various grains are ground. Browse the gift shop located in the Mill to find unique items and charming wares made by local artisans. Our stone-ground cornmeal, buckwheat, and whole wheat flour are preservative-free and can be purchased in the gift shop and at local participating stores. Call 330-740-7107 for information regarding our stone-ground flours and meal. Download a brochure for delicious recipes using your Lanterman’s Mill products.

Facilites at this area include:
• Observation deck overlooking Lanterman’s Falls
• Covered bridge (located upstream from the Mill)
• Restrooms
• Hiking trails

The nearby East Gorge Walk and West Gorge Trail offer a dramatic peek into the area’s geologic history. Listed in the Mid-America Walking Atlas, the award-winning Gorge Trail is a breathtakingly beautiful two-mile loop along Mill Creek. The trail consists of a boardwalk and is bordered on one side by the stream and on the other side by a massive wall of sandstone.