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My gallery is constantly growing. I have to organize all these pics by albums. I hope you enjoy!

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Ohio June 2009

Here are some pictures from my trip to Ohio in June 2009. Mill Creek Park dominates these shots.


West Virginia Penitentiary

Went through 3 sets of batteries here. I usually get 700 to 800 pics per set of batteries. Also there are many out of focus shots. I never have a problem with that. Also, my camera is auto focus not manual. After reviewing the pictures I found many strange things. One shows something that was not available to the naked eye. Very freaky! You will see! About 1000 people died in this small prison via hangings, electric chair, violent murders and riots. I found out that this place is one of the most haunted areas in the eastern U.S..

Luray Caverns

Blue Ridge Parkway

Ohio December 2009

2010 Road Trip

I use an older Digimax camera but it does pretty well for our needs. I do not skimp on batteries though. I like to use 2700mah AA batteries. DO NOT USE a low cost charger to charge your batteries! I have learned this from experience. My rechargeable batteries always lasted less than a year before no longer accepting a charge or just not lasting long at all. I did some snooping around on the internet and discovered that inexpensive chargers ruin batteries. So, I found this quite affordable (just under $50) charger that really keeps those batteries going. I have yet to have a battery “go bad” since I have been using this charger and they also power the camera for much longer as well. You really save money and help save the environment when you use re-chargeable batteries. This charger helps even more!

POWEREX MH-C800S Charger

POWEREX MH-C800S Charger

MH-C800S features Maha’s latest 0.001V precision microprocessor. This microprocessor will charge batteries to their maximum capacity without overcharging or undercharging. The new precision microprocessor assures maximum battery longevity, delivering just the right charge every time. Specifications: Recharge one to eight AA or AAA in any combination. Recharge in one to two hours. Worldwide voltage compatibility utilizing external switchmode power supply. LCD display with comprehensive charging progress indicator. Rugged design with non-moving metal contacts and DIN power connector. Selectable rapid and soft charging. User-activated battery conditioning mode. Automatic battery rescue and bad battery identification. Supported Charging Time: 1-2 Hours (Normal), 3-4 Hours (Soft Charging) Charging Seats: 8 x AA / AAA Feature: Eight Independent Charging Circuits for AA/AAA. LCD Display. Selectable Soft and Rapid Charge Modes. Built-in Deep Battery Conditioning System. Recharges in 1-2 Hours. Precision Microprocessor Controlled. Worldwide Power Supply Parts: 1 year limited

Here is an 8 pack of 2700mah batteries that are great quality. Also very affordable at around $23! Wow! I also put these in our solar powered walkway lights. They stay lit FOUR TIMES LONGER when I replace the stock batteries (usually only 650mah) that came with the lights with these. Great for flashlights too.

POWEREX MH-8AA2700-BH Rechargeable Batteries (Made in Japan)

POWEREX MH-8AA2700-BH Rechargeable Batteries (Made in Japan)

Feature: Rechargeable up to 1,000 X’s. Extreme long lasting power. Last twice as long as ordinary rechargeables. Comes with a PowerEx battery carrying case. Excellent for power intensive devices. Parts: 1 year limited Labor: 1 year limited

Brinkmann 822-0423-2 Fiji Torch Solar Powered Garden Accent Light - 2 Light Kit

Brinkmann 822-0423-2 Fiji Torch Solar Powered Garden Accent Light – 2 Light Kit

Type: Other Features: Attractive, tropical torch design with black finish and frosted bamboo pattern lens Torch stand is adjustable to three different heights – up to 60″