Once You Know, You Newegg

Best Fishing Holes in Saint Petersburg

YEAH RIGHT! Made you look!

Sorry, I could not resist. However, I will reveal how I found our spots. I used Google earth ™ to look for spots that I thought fish may like. Then, I went and fished those spots. Download Google earth here it is a tackle box necessity for finding new spots or when I need to print out an aerial view of areas. This allows us to explore with no chance of getting lost.

Honestly, it boils down to getting out there. Using modern technology sure saves some time though. I would never have found many of my favorite spots without Google. It really feels like we are cheating a bit but, it keeps us safer too.

Pretty much anywhere around here has fish. For the most part time, tide, moon phase, temperature, depth, bottom type, season and mostly, where fish find their food are the key factors in when a species will be in a specific area. Think like a fish.