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American Boat Listings hooked me up with my dream boat! Theses guys just rock. (Thanks Howie!)
I was apprehensive to use a big company for fear of cost but, I searched and visited many vessels in this area for two months to no avail. So, I swallowed my pride and contacted Howie at ABLboats.com. These guys got me on the water in less than a week and WELL WITHIN MY BUDGET!

I STRONGLY SUGGEST that if you want to buy or sell watercraft, contact these seasoned pros at ABLboats.com. They saved me time, money and frustration. The advice I received was honest and totally directed towards my satisfaction and keeping my family safe on the water. Fast to return calls, informative and just plain easy.

Don’t let their big expensive looking site intimidate your penny pinching pre-conceptions. They will provide you with the best solution no matter where your budget resides.

Thanks guys! I really hope this review brings you more business, you deserve it!

I put a contact form here that will contact Howie at ABLboats directly. Hope you don’t mind!

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